2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Specification Review

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color –In Spanish, Tiburon means “shark.” In Hyundai speak, Tiburon is a compact sport coupe that does what the Korean carmaker is best known for — offer a generous warranty and a lengthy features list at a low price. Beyond these aspects, though, the 2008 Hyundai Tiburon is a mere sea bass in an ocean filled with more competent, vicious predators.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color – That’s not to say the Tiburon isn’t without merit. Appearance counts for a lot in the sport coupe world, and the Hyundai Tiburon has the sort of sharp lines that make a car stand apart from the pack. In profile, it’s especially eye-catching, with a rising beltline, scooped outside detail and a sweeping roof line. The Tiburon’s upscale look is topped off with side sculpting and slick alloy wheels shod with performance tires. Sadly, a midlife styling refresh robbed it of its nifty sharklike side gills.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color – The current-generation Tiburon debuted back in 2003. This is a fairly long time for sport coupe design; as a result, the Tiburon can’t keep up with newer sport coupes. Its suspension is on the soft side, resulting in lackluster handling that driving enthusiasts will certainly notice in a simple back-to-back test-drive with other sport coupes like the Honda Civic (especially the Si), Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mini Cooper and Saturn Astra. For those who value comfort over performance, the Tiburon’s ride is rather forgiving, but those buyers may find the also-comfy Scion tC provides them with a more complete package.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color – A more serious problem is engine power, as even the Tiburon’s V6 is now outclassed by the four-cylinders of many competitors. And though standard equipment is plentiful, you’re not going to find some of the more recent high-tech features like Bluetooth or navigation. Given these weaknesses, we think shoppers would be better served by the competitor coupes, which have a lot more bite than this aging shark can muster.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color – Sometimes it is difficult for 2008 Hyundai Tiburon enthusiasts and fanatics to install the electronics component. This is caused by the activity to identify color codes for each component is really time consuming. The Wire Harness Color below is provided to help you repair or modify your 2008 Hyundai Tiburon in order to shorten the time to identify the correct color for each component.

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color (For Free!)

2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color (Picture View)


2008 Hyundai Tiburon Wire Harness Color (Table View)

Components Color / Remark
Car Radio Battery Constant 12V+ Wire Red
Car Radio Accessory Switched 12V+ Wire Yellow
Car Radio Ground Wire Black
Car Radio Illumination Wire Pink/Black
Car Radio Dimmer Wire Green
Car Radio Antenna Trigger Wire White/Black
Car Audio Front Tweeter Size 1″ Tweeters
Car Audio Front Tweeter Depth 1 1/4″
Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+) White
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-) Brown
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+) Black
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-) Yellow
Car Audio Front Speakers Size 6 1/2″
Car Audio Front Speakers Depth 3″
Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+) Blue
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-) Red
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+) Green
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-) Orange
Car Audio Rear Speakers Size 6″ x 9″
Car Audio Rear Speakers Depth 4″

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