2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide

2017 Ford Focus Specification Review

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide – Ford Focus never fails to surprise us and the 2017 model year is no exception. This time, it comes with 2 choices of body style—hatchback and sedan. Even though the lineup doesn’t have sporty sedan variant, the new trims are actually pretty interesting. Now, let’s find out more about this car in this Ford Focus 2017 review.


2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide – In terms of design, the changes are reserved only for the brand new SEL variant. It comes with a set of 17-inch alloy wheels, power moon roof, unique fog lamps as well as black headlight bezels. The only addition in the exterior design for the other trims is White Gold body paint.

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide – Inside, the 2017 model year sees an excellent improvement in the driver seat department. The height has been adjusted and brings better visibility and comfort. Unfortunately, we have seen better dashboard in other cars in this class. Except for the base S trim, all the models in the lineup come with 8.0” touch screen with very simple technology. Basically, the front space is satisfying but there is a little bit of problem in the rear. The rear is pretty cramped, especially since the head is shorter than similar models from other brands.


2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide – Ford Focus 2017 comes with plenty engine options ranging from the base model, 1.6 L petrol engine with to the most potent 2.0 TDCi, available in the range-topping ST model. The diesel model is generally more praiseworthy than the petrol lineup, but the 1.0 L Ecoboost petrol engine is not bad at all. It is very comfortable to use, and most importantly it is pretty efficient as well.

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide – Just like usual, Ford Focus is always the winner in terms of handling. Even the basic models are very solid and have excellent agility. For more power and performance, the ST lines are very comfortable to drive thanks to its great suspension.

Sometimes it is difficult for 2014 Ford Focus enthusiasts and fanatics to install the electronics component. This is caused by the activity to identify color codes for each component is really time consuming. The Stereo Wiring Guide below is provided to help you repair or modify your 2014 Ford Focus in order to shorten the time to identify the correct color for each component.

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide (For Free!)

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide (Picture View)

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guided F

2014 Ford Focus Stereo Wiring Guide (Table View)

Components Color / Remark
Car Radio Battery Constant 12V+ Wire Brown/Red
Car Radio Ground Wire Black/White
Car Radio Antenna Trigger Wire Yellow/Orange
Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+) White
Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-) White/Brown
Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+) White/Violet
Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-) White/Orange
Car Audio Front Speakers Size 6″ x 8″
Car Audio Front Speakers Depth 3-4/5″
Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+) White/Green
Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-) Brown/Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+) Brown/White
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-) Brown/Blue
Car Audio Rear Speakers Size 6″ x 8″
Car Audio Rear Speakers Depth 5″
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