1965 Volkswagen Beetle Engine Diagram

1965 VW Beetle engine located in the rear of the car is attached by four bolts to the recessed flange of the rubber mounted transmission case. The crankcase is made of a light alloy. Two pairs of cylinders are horizontally opposed. Each pair has a common cylinder head made of light alloy. The overhead valves are located in the cylinder heads and are operated by the camshaft via cam followers push rods and rocker arms. The short crankshaft rests in four bearings and is induction hardened at its bearing surfaces. The camshaft is driven from it by means of helical gears. The connecting rod are provided with lead-bronze-bearings. The pistons are of light alloy with steel inserts.

A down-draft carburettor with automatic choke and accelerator pump supplies the fuel-air mixture to the cylinders. The engine is equipped with battery ignition. The spark advance is controlled automatically by a vacuum mechanism. The generator is driven by a V belt. The generator pulley can be adjusted to alter the V belt tension.

The oil pump of the pressure lubrication system is driven by the camshaft. The oil is drawn from the crankcase via a strainer and forced via an oil cooler to the lubrication points. When the oil is thick an oil pressure relief valve enables the oil to flow direct to the lubrication points by by-passing the oil cooler.

The engine is cooled by a fan mounted at the generator. The fan sucks in air through an opening in the fan housing and forces it through the fins of the cylinders. The flow of cooling air is regulated by a thermostat and this ensures a constant operating temperature.


1. Fan housing
2. Ignition coil
3. Oil cooler
4. Intake manifold
5. Fuel pump
6. Distributor
7. Oil pressure switch
8. Valve
9. Cylinder
10. Piston
11. Oil pressure relief valve
12. Fan
13. Oil filler and breather
14. Pre-heating pipe
15. Connecting rod
16. Spark-plug
17. Cylinder head
18. Thermostat
19. Rocker arm
20. Push rod
21. Heat exchanger
22. Cam follower
23. Carburettor
24. Generator
25. Flywheel
26. Crankshaft
27. Oil pump
28. Camshaft
29. Oil strainer


1. Transmission shift lever
2. Bonded rubber mounting
3. Gearshift housing
4. 4th speed
5. Gear carrier
6. 3rd speed
7. 2nd speed
8. Main drive shaft, front
9. 1st speed
10. Oil drain plugs
11. Drive pinion
12. Reverse gear
13. Differential pinion
14. Differential side gear
15. Main drive shaft, rear
16. Clutch release bearing
17. Clutch operating shaft
18. Reverse sliding gear
19. Reverse shaft
20. Oil filler plug
21. Reverse drive gear
22. Ring gear
23. Fulcrum plate
24. Rear axle shaft
25. Differential housing


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