1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Exterior Accessories

Volkswagen Beetle comes with various accessories. Here are the accessories for the exterior :

1. Rear-Mounted Ski Rack

1972-Volkswagen-VW-Beetle-Exterior-Accessories-7 1

Built-in lock not only locks skis and poles to the rack, but also locks the rack to the rear of your car. Comes with steel holders that firmly support the ends of the skis. Holds two pairs of skis and poles. Easy to mount and remove.

2. Formula Vee Bumper Overriders


Provide extra protection on the road and when parked. Have live rubber strips to cushion against shocks. Heavy chrome finish matches that on your Volkswagen.

3. Formula Vee Taper Tip Exhaust Pipes


Add a sporty look and sound to your car. Improve performance and gas consumption. Reduce exhaust back pressure. Tapered pipes are heavily chrome plated.

4. Formula Vee Fanfare Horn Set


Double-toned high and low pitch horns, provide a stronger sound for road travel. Mount securely on the front bumper. Heavy chrome finish.

5. Vent Shades


Dress up your Volkswagen while giving draft-free ventilation. Reduce window fogging. Keep rain out. Keep the car cooler in summer.

6. Gravel Guard


Available for front and rear fenders to protect them from flying debris. Protect where damage is most likely to occur. High polished stainless steel.

7. Trim Group


Designed to guard areas most commonly damaged while brightening the car’s appearance. Door corner guards, door post kick plates and door sill protector keep passengers from scuffing your VW as they get in and out. Door edge guards prevent scratches and paint chipping along the edge. Vent shades protect your car and your passengers from wind and  rain and reduce fogging by enabling you to keep vent window open during a downpour. Made of stainless steel.

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