1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Fuses

The fuse box of 1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle is located under the instrument panel, to the left of the steering column. It is covered by a clear plastic cover. If your car has an air conditioner, the fuse box will be located in the luggage compartment behind the instrument panel cover.

1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Fuses 3

The 8 amp fuse for the back-up lights is located in a holder in a support in the engine compartment near the ignition coil. On cars with automatic stick shift, another 8 amp fuse is mounted on this support. If this fuse burns out, the transmission can not be shifted.


The fuse for the rear window defogger is located in the holder under the rear seat on the left side.

Replacing a Fuse in a Fuse Box

Before you do this action, make sure the ignition is off. Remove key from ignition. Replacing a fuse with engine running or ignition on could cause electrical shock.

First, you need to pull plastic cover off fuse box the pull fuse down until top of fuse is out of holder. Remove fuse. Place fuse in bottom of holder, push fuse down and place top of fuse in holder then press plastic cover on fuse box.

Note : Always replace the fuse with the same size. Eight amp fuse is white, and 16 amp fuse is red.

If a fuse blows again after it was replaced, the cause of the fuse blowing should be found. Never patch a fuse with tin foil or wire. This could cause damage in the electrical system. It is best to carry a few spare fuses in the car.

Replacing Fuse in Separate Holder

1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Fuses

  1. Gain access to fuse :
    1. Back up lights or Automatic Stick Shift – raise engine compartment hood.
    2. Rear window defogger – lift up rear seat.
  2. Remove holder from support if necessary.
  3. Press holder together and twist both halves. Separate halves and remove fuse.
  4. Place new fuse in holder and press halves together. Twist both halves to lock them.
  5. If necessary, install holder in support. Push instrument cover up in place, install rear seat, or close luggage compartment hood or engine compartment hood.

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