1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle Interior Lights and Ignition Key Warning Buzzer

1972 VW Beetle Interior Light

The interior light contains a three position switch. With the switch in the center position the light will not light. Moving the switch to the upper position turns the light on regardless of the door contact switch. Moving the switch to the bottom position sets the light up for operating with the door contact switch. With the doors closed the ground circuit for the light is open and the light is out. Opening either door connects the light through the door contact switch to ground and lights the light. The circuit is protected by a fuse in the fuse box.

1972 VW Beetle Instrument Panel Light

The two lights on the instrument panel are controlled by the light switch. Pulling the switch out connects power to the lights. Turning the switch controls the brightness of the light.

1972 VW Beetle Ignition Key Warning Buzzer

Once ignition has been turned on, opening the left side door without removing the key will energize the ignition warning buzzer. The buzzer sounds even if the ignition system has been turned off. Buzzing will continue until the door is closed or the key removed from the ignition. The warning buzzer is protected by a fuse in the fuse box.

Find the complete diagram of 1972 VW Beetle electrical system here.

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