1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle TroubleShooting – Engine Stalls Shortly After Starting

To troubleshoot VW Beetle engine stalls shortly after starting, these are the steps that you need to perform :

  1. Check the gas gauge. Add gas as needed. Be extremely careful of fire. If you see or smell fuel, ventilate and dry area. Remove fuel soaked rags to safe area.
  2. Check fuel pump filter for clogging. If dirty, clean filter and go to step 3. If clean, go to step 4.
  3. Try to run car. If car will not continue running, have your VW dealer clean all parts of the fuel system.
  4. With ignition off, depress the gas pedal once and let it up. Turn ignition on without attempting to start the car and let the car stand five minutes. This should open the choke valve.
  5. Depress the gas pedal again and let it up. Then raise the engine compartment hood and check position of the choke valve. It should be open as indicated by the position of the fast idle cam.
  6. If fast idle cam is not in the position indicated, choke valve is binding in closed position. Wire the cam in the proper position and drive the car to your dealer.

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