1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle TroubleShooting – Engine Stalls While Vehicle is Driven

To troubleshoot 1972 Volkswagen VW Beetle TroubleShooting – Engine Stalls While Vehicle is Driven, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Check the gas gauge. Add gas as needed.
  2. Check for a loose connection at the coil, distributor, and spark plugs. Tighten as necessary.
  3. Pull any spark plug cable from the distributor cap terminal. Hold the cable with pliers by the insulation, about 1/4 inch from the terminal on the cap while cranking the engine. Check for strong arcing sparks. If no spark or weak spark, troubleshoot ignition system. If the spark is OK, go to step 4. Be extremely careful when disconnecting fuel lines. Be sure the engine is cold. Do not smoke, keep the engine flame away. Be careful when removing the fuel line clamp. After installing the fuel line, have clamp replaced as soon as possible.
  4. Pull fuel line off carburetor. Hold line in a container and have someone turn the engine over with the starter. If fuel is not present, install the fuel line on the carburetor. have dealer check carburetor. Remove fuel containers to a safe area.
  5. Clean fuel pump filter.
  6. Install the fuel line on the carburetor and try to start the car. If the car will not start, have the dealer check the fuel system.
    VW Beetle troubleshooting

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